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Trusted Advisors for User Experience and Software Architecture

We work directly with our clients on engagements in many domains including cloud computing/networking, cybersecurity, and device management.

Our services include:

  • Strategy, product planning, and technology roadmaps
  • Concepting and interaction models for new products
  • Expert Audits on software architecture and interaction models

We work with product teams at all stages of the development lifecycle, from MVP releases and new feature design to fielded products that are having issues. We also deliver experienced oversight and guidance for design and engineering teams.

Our practice focuses on our deep skills in software application concepts, de-risking requirements and the architecture of the implementation, and expressing these as deliverables to engineering. We validate that the requirements are solid and that user interactions optimize for successful business outcomes.

Our team has years of combined professional engineering and design experience and our clients include Google, VMware, T-Mobile, and many successful startups.  We have extraordinary references and a unique and diverse portfolio of completed projects for many happy customers. Our professional experience includes senior technical and design positions in large corporate environments at companies including VMware, Microsoft, and Motorola as well as entrepreneurial settings.

To discuss how we can help you please email karen [at] humanlogic [dot] com.