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Books by Karen Donoghue and Craig Newell, HumanLogic

Expert, practical guidance on user experience and product design.

Envision Product: User Experience for Founders

A handbook for founders of early-stage startups and newly-minted product managers. (Published by HumanLogic, 2021) 

Built for Use: driving profitability through the user experience

Built for Use: Driving profitability through the user experience

The first practical guide to linking business strategy with the art and science of user experience and online design. (Published by McGraw-Hill, 2002)


USA internet map
Networked user experiences in times of catastrophe

Introduction The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks illustrated the value of efficient network user experiences that rely on Internet-style connectivity. This decentralized architecture enables people to u…

Remote support use cases
Social distancing brings remote support to the forefront

Remote coaching on mobile devices will require a new look at old use cases. Last week we helped my mother set up her new Samsung mobile phone. Due to the current pandemic, she is under a stay-at-…

What advisory for startups looks like in a remote world
What advisory for startups looks like in a remote world

As seasoned advisors to early-stage startups, we have spent the past few weeks working long days helping advisee teams and adjusting our business to work through the coronavirus pandemic. On top of ma…

Collaborative automation for Legal Compliance in Brazil
Collaborative automation for Legal Compliance in Brazil

As a tax attorney in Brazil, Adriana has just signed on a new client for a huge tax compliance lawsuit. After the thrill of winning the big client fades, reality sets in. What Adriana dreads most abou…

Collaboration is critical to product design
Encourage collaborative design for better product outcomes

No matter how talented the team or exciting the idea, products can fail when teams don’t share a common understanding as to what they are building. As an experienced digital product designer, I’ve wor…

Open APIs and the impact on UX
Open APIs for banking platforms: what’s the impact on the authentication user experience?

Open APIs are the focus of attention now in corporate IT. Recently the U.S. bank Capital One launched three new open APIs in a move that signals a shift towards open banking platforms. …

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