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Case Studies

Our practice focuses on our deep skills in software application concepts, de-risking requirements and the architecture of the implementation, and expressing these as deliverables to engineering. We validate that the requirements are solid and that user interactions optimize for successful business outcomes. Our areas of focus include Enterprise IT, cloud-based platforms, cybersecurity, and device management.

HumanLogic clients include Google, VMware, T-Mobile, SecurityScorecard, Imprivata, ForAllSecure, and many confidential clients. We have also worked with early and late-stage startups and have experience starting our own venture-backed companies and building and launching our own native mobile app products. Many of our corporate case studies are under NDA but can be reviewed in a meeting. To discuss our capabilities and detailed case studies, please email karen [at] humanlogic [dot] com.

MVP UX for enterprise authentication

Expert opinion product review, product usability measurement strategy, and agile scrum backlog creation 

IoT Admin console design

SaaS console planning and design for IoT device management

Air quality monitoring app

iPhone app for rating the confidence of crowdsourced air quality sensor readings 

Console for lighting devices

Design of an admin console for instrumenting facilities for the Industrial IoT with intelligent LED lighting and smart sensors

Mobile sensing platform

Design of a secure and scalable mobile sensing platform for analyzing data for patterns of psychological distress

Enterprise BYOD client UX

Lead UX Designer for VMWare Switch, client UX for a mobile virtualization platform for enterprise BYOD

Secure mobile healthcare IT

Design of a secure mobile communication platform for healthcare IT

ML applied to legal compliance

Advisory services and MVP UX strategy for a machine learning platform

Validation of external storage

PM/UX for app to confirm authenticity of SD card manufacturing

Healthcare robot for neuro-rehab

Product planning and design of a new UX for a neuro-rehabilitation robot

Remote backup UX design

Design strategy enabling a SaaS solution for remote backup and replication 

Plumb Fashion personalized clothing manufacturing service

Customized clothing service

Expert opinion user experience audit for personalized clothing manufacturing