(November 25, 2019) Karen Donoghue joins Turivius as Advisory Board Member

“I see a dashboard feature as a high priority feature for reporting systems,” says Karen Donoghue, Principal Interaction Architect at HumanLogic. “A strong dashboard feature allows enterprise users to build and execute queries on reporting metrics that are important to their organizations. A good dashboard experience aggregates these metrics in a single “glanceable” view that can help surface trends and provides links that serve as shortcuts to deeper analysis.”

From “6 essential elements of modern enterprise reporting software”
(August 29, 2019)

From May 2018-May 2019, HumanLogic Principal Karen Donoghue served as an External Advisor to the Tufts Department of Computer Science as a member of the External Advisory Board (EAB). The goal of the EAB is to provide input and guidance to the Tufts Department of Computer Science to achieve their mission of providing top-quality educational experiences for students, advancing the state of knowledge through cutting-edge research, and finding solutions to important societal challenges. Read more


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