HumanLogic clients include Google, VMware, T-Mobile, SecurityScorecard, Bionik, The Associated Press, ForAllSecure, and many early and late stage startups.  Email us at karen [at] humanlogic [dot] com to learn more details about how we have helped our clients.

Example HumanLogic engagements include:

  • Worked with Product Management leadership at a leading global cloud computing enterprise to determine new product features for device monitoring and reporting at scale through customer interviews, journey mapping, flow design and concepting.
  • Supported Product Management to re-architect a complex enterprise admin console for managing mobile devices at scale.
  • Delivered a new interaction model to Product Management for new secure mobile healthcare communication platform, supported PRD creation by validating requirements to inform feature prioritization.

Case Studies

For more details visit our Case Studies page to review our work with clients worldwide.


“I hired HumanLogic as a contractor from May to August of 2020, and this is the second time I have engaged them for a project.

Karen Donoghue and her partner Craig Newell combined their skills and experience in platform UX and software architecture to perform product discovery for Google Chrome OS in a new market area.  Their domain understanding of software platforms enabled them to rapidly discover the unmet needs of our target users using research techniques and expert analysis. 

Karen and Craig brainstormed concepts, then developed and tested them with target users. The research they performed to envision new product concepts is being used to guide feature development for Chrome OS. 

Karen and Craig worked independently and are incredibly responsive to our needs. They worked well and collaboratively with all members of the Product Management team that participated in product planning.”

Max Kirsch, Product Manager, Google Chrome OS

“I hired Karen as an independent contractor to research and design a brand new reporting, monitoring, and alerting experience for Chrome enterprise/education customers. Karen is phenomenal to work with across the board, but what stood out most to me was:

1) Her initiative in bringing structure to the problem space and solving it. I gave Karen the basic “why” for our project (customer feedback on reporting) but she brought the methodology for deeply understanding the space and the raw skills in research, design, and interaction architecture to guide the project to completion. From segmenting customers to building personas to validating/disproving our theories and her designs with research, Karen gave life to the project and created a compelling vision for the product we should build. She did all of this independently while working remotely.

2) The sheer quantity of the artifacts she produces. Karen not only solved the problem she set out to solve, she also connected the dots to multiple other areas of our product to make sure the overall customer experience was cohesive. For example, although we had initially envisioned the output as a product design, Karen also learned early from the customer research that API access was equally important, so Karen designed an innovative feature to help novice users learn the API (and it ended up testing just as well with advanced users). Karen is a product & UX machine who will leave no idea undeveloped and no concept untested. I was just as pleased with the negative findings (e.g. customers actually don’t care about X) as with the many positive findings, because the data from the research gives us confidence that we’re focused on the right features.

3) Her eagerness to spread her expertise to the rest of the organization. By the end of Karen’s contract, she had not only completed her part of the project, she had set up the organization around her to build the product successfully. Through a couple of important training and mentorship opportunities on the team, she spread both a culture and a methodology of making strongly-reasoned well-vetted product & UX decisions. This will continue to pay dividends for the team far into the future.

Overall I *enthusiastically* recommend Karen and hope to work more with her in the future!”

Max Kirsch, Product Manager, Google Chrome OS (2019)

“Usability is often an afterthought in most security products. At Beyond Identity we are focused on improving security while improving the end customer user experience. In order to do this, we engaged with HumanLogic early in our development process to ensure a highly usable, coherent user experience.

The HumanLogic team are domain experts, responsive and fun to work with. I would highly recommend HumanLogic for any early-stage venture that truly cares about user experience.”

Jason Cassey, PhD, CTO, Beyond Identity

“Karen Donoghue and Craig Newell really helped us get a jumpstart before deploying to our first customer, as they found areas to improve the user experience that we did not even think about.  Creating very detailed and thorough tickets, they allowed us to move fast and provide quicker value-add to the customer.“

Nick Matviko, Director of Engineering, Beyond Identity

“During our remote engagement, Karen Donoghue worked closely with me to understand the needs of our target users. Karen iterated on concept designs that reflected our product offerings, abstracting the underlying complexity of our data-intensive platform while delivering an engaging and simple user experience to empower our end-users to be productive and confident.

Karen’s efforts helped validate our product design towards market delivery. I enjoyed working with Karen and would recommend her as an expert design practitioner for software companies with complex offerings.”

Max Snow, CEO, Yobi

“As Co-founder of SecurityScorecard, heading the product team, I have engaged Karen Donoghue to work on multiple projects since early 2017 to help continue to mature our cybersecurity ratings platform.

Karen’s keen understanding of the needs and motivations of our user populations have helped evolve the user experience in our platform. Karen’s early efforts were formative in leading user research to surface new requirements, planning, and guiding interaction model design for work in VRM (Vendor Resource Management) and for our Atlas product.

In addition to her work with our product management and UX teams on new platform capabilities, Karen has also served as a trusted Advisor to SecurityScorecard since the summer of 2017. I highly recommend Karen for early-stage companies requiring deep expertise in user experience.”

Sam Kassoumeh, Co-Founder & COO, SecurityScorecard

“Karen speedily and accurately converts ideas and narrative – written and spoken – into visual architectures that enable efficient product development and engineering. Her precise and pragmatic approach uncovers logical inconsistencies and inefficiencies while suggesting superior alternatives. She is incisive, collaborative, kind and the sort of consummate professional who makes everyone around her better.

Having worked with her on an early-stage venture, I very much look forward to the opportunity to work with Karen in the future.”

Michael Laskoff, Co-founder and former CEO of Annum Health, Founder & former CEO of AbleTo

“As founder and CEO of an early stage startup, I hired Karen Donoghue as an independent consultant to assist us in validating the requirements for our MVP prototype that incorporated a financial recommendation engine with tools for quantitative financial analysis. Working remotely, Karen rapidly helped us craft user stories and work flows for our MVP release, and helped us translate our requirements into a design for an easily-consumable, customizable product experience. In days, Karen learned our unique business needs and developed a series of flows and conceptual wireframes for our product, which helped us validate our early hypotheses and develop better presentations to early customers and investors.

Karen also advised us in preparing for user research interviews, coaching us in best practices for uncovering user needs through focused user research. Karen is an expert practitioner with very strong skills in working with founders on product design. I highly recommend her services.”

John Fleming, Founder & CEO, Kaavio

“As a co-founder and CEO of a telehealth startup, Karen joined me at the outset to help design the MVP product and launch my company, where she later served as a trusted advisor.  Since then, I have worked with Karen on multiple platform development projects including a second project that I led for a telehealth platform. Karen excelled in defining product user experience requirements and designing solutions for situations without clear requirements. 

Karen works closely with product stakeholders on balancing business needs with end-user needs and motivations, mitigating risks through her careful user research. 

Her skills combine seasoned product design expertise with a very technical background: she clearly understands how software is designed, built, and shipped and can translate between business needs and the technical requirements needed by engineering.  Karen works with stakeholders and teams, providing clearly articulated requirements and design artifacts.

I recommend Karen’s services to product leaders requiring deep expertise in user experience and who require trusted expertise in designing and launching new product platforms.”

Eve Phillips, former CEO and Co-Founder, Empower Interactive

“As a co-founder of a financial planning SaaS platform for high net worth investors, I hired Karen Donoghue as an independent consultant to help the founding executive team plan the MVP release of the product offering. I was familiar with Karen’s work as a UX/PM consultant while I was in an executive role at T-Mobile in Seattle.

Karen works very collaboratively, rapidly delivering PM and UX assets to assist a product team in clarifying and validating requirements for a new product offering, helping to establish features and get to a prototype. As a consultant to our founding exec team, Karen worked collaboratively with our team to help establish requirements, validate and prioritize them and in turn define features and architectural attributes in the product user experience for a MVP release. Karen helped coach the team to use agile product planning methods as part of the product planning process. She expressed major UX concepts and flows that reflected our requirements and enabled all stakeholders to understand the end user experience. Karen rapidly delivered critical shareable artifacts such as flows and wireframes. She reviewed each iteration with the team to help establish feature prioritization and help the team get to a MVP definition.

Karen is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services to software product teams. All of Karen’s work for our executive team was performed remotely and I appreciate her professional demeanor and the quality of her deliverables.”

Elisabeth Embry, Co-Founder, LogiQware

“While serving as a Computer Scientist at the US Department of Defense (CERDEC), I supervised Karen’s work on delivering novel concepts around enabling the management of networked rugged devices in fast-changing network topologies. Karen has a strong ability to look at large problems and design buildable solutions that work well for end-users. Her tenacious research into our signal soldier user population also uncovered a new persona, the reservist, and she designed unique training and onboarding experiences for this new user segment.  

As part of a new venture in 2020 I have been working with Karen and HumanLogic on another mobile device project. She has been able to mentor our team remotely and help us design and build a new device experience.  Karen is an expert in human computer interaction and I highly recommend her services for product teams.”

Robert Orlando, Co-Founder, Liberty Leadership and former Computer Scientist, US Department of Defense

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