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Validation of external device storage


If you’re a digital camera or gadget enthusiast you’re probably aware that it can be difficult to know if your SD card is actually authentic.  Fake memory cards have now spread throughout the marketplace, and the packaging on the cards can make it difficult to distinguish a fake SD card from the real thing.

After experiencing the loss of photos from an overseas trip due to a counterfeit SD card, the HumanLogic principals set out to design a fast and easy way to validate external device storage. The result is SDInsight: a free, fast and easy to use native Android application.  Within seconds the application reads the technical details from your SD card and displays the information in an easy to understand format.  You can see information such as manufacturer name, date of manufacture, and the product name and serial number.  SDInsights goes one step further and provides validation of the SD Card against its class rating for the minimum data transfer rate – such as Classes 2, 4, 6 and 10.


We started by


We studied the market and learned that at the time we undertook this project, expandable storage for mobile devices was normally provided for with tiny but expensive microSD storage cards. There was an economic interest to create fake cards by relabeling and fake SD cards result from a polluted supply chain. SD Insight gives consumers a tool to quickly determine microSD card manufacturer.