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Speaking Engagements on HCI and Design Thinking

Design advocacy in product development

To increase the awareness of the importance of human-centered design in product development, Karen Donoghue and Craig Newell from HumanLogic have presented to product teams, professional organizations and university programs on HCI and Design

HumanLogic UX Bootcamp for MIT Venture Mentoring Service January 2022

UX Bootcamp for Founders

Hosted by:
MIT Venture Mentoring Service
2 hours, virtual presentation
January 2022

Guest panelist HealthTechBuild - Digital Therapeutics

Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Hosted by:
HealthTech Build in Boston, MA
1 hour, virtual panel
January 2022

Jumbo Cafe: Understanding the Problem with Karen Donoghue, hosted by the  Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts University

Workshop for Entrepreneuers

Hosted by:
Derby Center for Entrepreneurship at Tufts University
1 hour, virtual presentation
October 2021

Design lectures at universities and design schools

Guest lectures on design and HCI practices for launching connected device platforms and products

Guest lecture by Karen Donoghue at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley

Interaction Design for Engineers

Hosted by
Professor Cynthia Kuo
April 2021

Guest lecture by Karen Donoghue at Roski School of Art and Design

Visiting Designer Forum Seminar

Hosted by
Professor April Greiman
Fall 2021

Guest lecture by Karen Donoghue at Tufts University School of Engineering

Crowdsourcing data for consumer-ready environmental monitoring

Hosted by Professor
Ming Chow

Guest lecture by Karen Donoghue at USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Interactions @scale for monitoring air

Hosted by
Professor Robert Checchi


To scale the delivery of design’s importance in the product definition process

Envision Product: User Experience for Founders

Expert, practical guidance on user experience and product design for founders and new product managers. (Published by HumanLogic, 2021)

Architect for UX flexibility while finding Product-Market Fit By Karen Donoghue, Principal, HumanLogic

Architect for UX flexibility while finding Product-Market Fit

For founders investigating PMF, design a product architecture to enable flexibility in the user experience that allows for strategic selling and investigation of potential partnerships.

Built for Use: driving profitability through the user experience

Built for Use: Driving profitability through the user experience

The first business book on UX, a practical guide to linking business strategy with the art and science of user experience. (Published by McGraw-Hill, 2002)